2 Part Door Stop

2 Part Door Stop Ryan’s Timber uPVC.

Stainless steel and rubber buffer.

Suitable for floor fixing.

Dimensions: Height: 40mm
Depth: 45mm total diameter

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The 2 Part Door Stop is a practical and versatile device designed to prevent doors from swinging too far and causing damage to walls, furniture, or other surfaces. It consists of two separate parts: a fixed base and a flexible stopper.

The fixed base is typically mounted on the wall or floor, serving as a sturdy anchor for the door stop. It is made of durable materials such as metal or high-quality plastic to withstand the impact of the door. The base is designed to be securely installed and provides a stable foundation for the stopper.

The flexible stopper is attached to the fixed base and extends outwards to create a buffer between the door and the adjacent surface. It is made of a soft, resilient material such as rubber or silicone, which absorbs the impact when the door comes into contact with it. The stopper is designed to provide enough resistance to prevent the door from opening too wide while still allowing it to close smoothly.

The 2 Part Door Stop is adjustable, allowing you to set the desired stopping point for the door. This flexibility makes it suitable for various door sizes and types, accommodating both lightweight interior doors and heavier exterior doors. It is also ideal for use in homes, offices, hotels, or any other space where door control and protection are required.

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