Vertical Single Panic Bolt

Vertical Single Panic Bolt

Elegant and highly functional panic bolt for single and
double door applications. Incorporated as standard is an automatic top trip and
easy clean floor socket.

The main body is fitted with an anti-thrust device, which
prevents leverage of both the top and bottom shoot bolts from their sockets.

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The Vertical Single Panic Bolt is a critical component of emergency exit systems, designed to provide a safe and efficient means of exiting a building during emergencies. It is commonly used in commercial and public spaces where quick evacuation is essential.

The Vertical Single Panic Bolt features a vertical bolt mechanism that is operated by a horizontal push bar or pad. When the pad is pushed, the bolt is released, allowing the door to swing open easily. This design ensures that occupants can quickly and effortlessly exit the building by simply applying pressure to the panic bar.

The panic bolt is designed to meet strict safety standards and regulations to ensure reliable performance in emergency situations. It is equipped with features such as an anti-thrust mechanism to prevent unauthorized retraction of the bolt from the outside, ensuring the door remains securely locked when not in use. The bolt is also designed to resist forced entry and tampering.

Installation of the Vertical Single Panic Bolt involves mounting the hardware on the door surface, typically on the side opposite the hinges. It requires careful alignment and positioning to ensure proper operation. Installation guidelines and instructions provided by the manufacturer should be followed closely to ensure optimal functionality and compliance with safety codes.

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