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With over 60 years experience in the timber business, we have constantly been growing our knowledge and skills over this period to adapt with the needs of our customers.  With the introduction of automation and new legislation for example we have had to constantly research and innovate in providing the best quality timber products to our customers.


With regards to internal joinery we specialise in a number of different areas.  We have picked a few niche areas of the market that we have found to be in demand and suitable to our level of skill and knowledge.  These areas include Fire Doors sets, Internal Partition frames, Stair components, decorative mouldings to name just a few.  We have invested in state of the art automation cnc machinery to improve efficiency and accuracy in the machine process.  Modern machinery also allows us to produce products that we would not have even dreamed of 40 or 50 years ago.  The complexity of the design is no longer a barrier to our production process.



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