CL255 Mechanical Door Lock


CL255 Mechanical Door Lock

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A mechanical door lock is a security device that provides a physical barrier to restrict access to a room or building. Unlike electronic or digital locks, mechanical locks rely on physical mechanisms and components to secure the door.

Mechanical door locks come in various types, including deadbolts, lever locks, mortise locks, rim locks, and cylinder locks. Each type has its own design and features, but they all operate using mechanical components such as springs, pins, tumblers, and cylinders.

Deadbolts are one of the most common types of mechanical locks. They consist of a solid metal bolt that extends into the door frame when locked, providing enhanced security against forced entry. Deadbolts can be single-cylinder, requiring a key on one side and a thumbturn on the other, or double-cylinder, requiring a key on both sides.

Mechanical door locks provide reliable and durable security, requiring physical manipulation to gain access. They are often chosen for their simplicity, longevity, and resistance to tampering. Additionally, mechanical locks do not require power or batteries, making them a reliable choice even during power outages or emergencies.

When selecting a mechanical door lock, it is important to consider factors such as the level of security required, the type of door and frame, and compatibility with existing hardware. Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper alignment and functionality of the lock.

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