Outside Access Lever

• Meets the dimensional requirements of BS8300 and approved Document “M” (DDA)
• Lever is supplied with special shear screw designed to break under excessive force
• Surface mounted on the outside of the door using three concealed machine screws
• Same fixing points as the 302 OAD – easy retro fit
• Supplied as standard for doors up to 55mm thick
• Longer spindles available on request for door thicknesses over 55mm
• Longer spindles available on request for door thicknesses over 70mm

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The Outside Access Lever is a practical and reliable door hardware component designed for exterior access to doors, gates, or other entry points. It provides a convenient and secure means of unlocking and opening doors from the outside, allowing authorized individuals to gain access to a building or property.

The lever is typically installed on the exterior side of the door and is connected to the door lock mechanism. It features a sturdy handle that can be easily grasped and operated, providing a smooth and effortless means of unlocking the door. The lever is designed to withstand outdoor conditions, ensuring its durability and functionality over time.

Constructed from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or heavy-duty metal alloys, the Outside Access Lever offers strength and resistance to weather elements, ensuring its longevity in outdoor environments. It is often designed with security features such as tamper resistance and anti-pick mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access.

The design of the Outside Access Lever allows for quick and easy identification, making it easily visible and accessible from a distance or in low-light conditions. This is particularly important in emergency situations where swift access is required.

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