Exifire square self adhesive Hinge Pads (Pack of 6)


Exifire square self adhesive Hinge Pads (Pack of 6)

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The Exifire Square Self-Adhesive Hinge Pads are a convenient and effective solution for reducing noise and wear on door hinges. This pack includes six self-adhesive pads that are specifically designed to be easily applied to door hinges.

The square shape of the pads allows for optimal coverage and support on the hinge area, minimizing noise caused by the metal-to-metal contact of the hinge components. By placing these pads on the hinge surfaces, you can significantly reduce the squeaking and creaking sounds that can occur when opening and closing doors.

In addition to noise reduction, the Exifire Hinge Pads also help to prevent wear and tear on the hinge mechanism. The self-adhesive backing makes installation quick and hassle-free, and the pads create a cushioning effect that absorbs shock and impact, prolonging the lifespan of the hinges and maintaining their smooth operation.

These pads are suitable for various door types, including interior and exterior doors. They are made from durable materials that are designed to withstand regular use and provide long-lasting performance.

The self-adhesive feature of the pads eliminates the need for additional tools or hardware during installation. Simply peel off the backing and firmly press the pad onto the hinge surface. It is recommended to clean and dry the hinge area before applying the pads to ensure optimal adhesion.

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