Sliding Door Lock Kit

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Sliding Door Lock

Complete kit suitable for bathroom doors.

Includes- hook lock, turn & release, strike plate & fingerpull.

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The Sliding Door Lock Kit is a comprehensive hardware solution designed to secure sliding doors and provide peace of mind for homeowners. Whether you have glass patio doors, sliding barn doors, or interior sliding doors, this kit offers enhanced security and convenience.

The kit typically includes several components to ensure proper locking and protection. It typically consists of a sliding door lock mechanism, a strike plate, screws, and installation instructions. The lock mechanism is specifically designed to fit onto sliding doors and provide a sturdy locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access.

Installation of the Lock Kit is relatively straightforward and can be done by most homeowners. It typically involves attaching the lock mechanism to the sliding door frame or edge and aligning it with the strike plate attached to the stationary frame. The included screws are used to secure the components in place, ensuring a strong and reliable lock.

Once installed, the Lock Kit allows you to easily lock and unlock your sliding doors with minimal effort. The lock mechanism is typically operated with a thumbturn or key, depending on the specific design. This provides convenient access while ensuring the door remains securely locked when desired.

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