Size 2-4 Cam Action Silver Cover and Arm

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Size 2-4 Cam Action Silver Cover and Arm

Adjustable Closing & Latching – 120’ Opening
Max Door width 950mm
Max Door Weight up to 60kg
DDA Compliant 857mm
Fire Tested up to 60mins
10 year warranty

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The Size 2-4 Cam Action Silver Cover and Arm is a versatile door closer accessory designed to provide smooth and controlled door closing for a wide range of applications. This cam action closer cover and arm set offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal, enhancing the performance and appearance of your doors.

The silver cover and arm set is not only functional but also adds a sleek and modern touch to your doors. Its silver finish complements a variety of door styles and finishes, making it a versatile choice for different design aesthetics.

Designed for doors with variable weight and size, the Size 2-4 Cam Action Silver Cover and Arm provides adjustable power sizes ranging from 2 to 4. This flexibility allows you to precisely control the closing force according to the specific requirements of your doors. Whether you have lightweight interior doors or heavier exterior doors, this cover and arm set can be adjusted to provide the optimal closing force.

In addition to the adjustable power size, the cam action mechanism ensures a smooth and controlled door closing. The cam technology provides a consistent closing force throughout the swing of the door, allowing for effortless operation and minimizing the risk of door slams. It provides a gradual and controlled closing motion, enhancing safety and preventing accidents.

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