Shower Symbol

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Shower Symbol

75mm Diameter Circular Symbol

Drilled & Countersunk With Screws

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The Shower Symbol is a visual signage element that is universally recognized as a representation of shower facilities. This symbol is commonly used in various environments, such as gyms, fitness centers, hotels, and public swimming areas, to indicate the location of shower areas for individuals to use before or after activities.

The symbol features a graphical depiction of a showerhead, typically displayed in black or dark color on a contrasting background. The symbol is designed to be easily recognizable and distinguishable from other signage elements, ensuring that individuals can quickly identify the presence of shower facilities.

Constructed from durable materials, the Symbol is built to withstand moisture and environmental conditions typically found in shower areas. It is resistant to fading and damage, ensuring that it remains visible and legible over time, even in humid environments.

The Symbol is easy to install and can be affixed to walls, doors, or signboards using adhesive backing or screws, depending on the surface and requirements of the space. Its compact size allows for flexible placement in various locations, ensuring that it is prominently visible to individuals seeking shower facilities.

By prominently displaying the Symbol, establishments create a clear visual indication of the presence of shower areas. This helps individuals locate the facilities they need and enhances their overall experience by providing a convenient and hygienic option for personal cleanliness.

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