Push Pad Latch

Push Pad Latch

• Fully reversible – Suitable for left and right handed doors
• Suitable for use on doors weighing up to 200kg
• Supplied with “Push Pad To Open” signage
• Steel door fixings and strike plates available separately
• Successfully type tested to all the requirements of BS

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The Push Pad Latch is a versatile and functional door hardware component that is commonly used in commercial and public buildings where quick and convenient exit access is required. It provides a simple and efficient means of unlatching and opening doors, allowing occupants to exit easily in emergency situations.

The Push Pad Latch features a horizontal bar or pad that is mounted at the height of the average person’s shoulder or waist. When pressure is applied to the pad, typically by pushing against it with the body or hand, the latch mechanism is activated, releasing the door and allowing it to swing open. This design eliminates the need for turning or twisting a traditional door handle or knob, enabling fast and intuitive exit access.

The latch mechanism of the Push Pad Latch is designed to meet safety standards and regulations, ensuring reliable operation and compliance with building codes. It is typically equipped with features such as an anti-thrust mechanism to prevent unauthorized retraction of the latch bolt from the outside, enhancing security and preventing forced entry.

Installation of the Push Pad Latch involves mounting the hardware on the door surface, typically near the edge or on the push side of the door. It may require drilling holes and aligning the components for proper installation. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines to ensure correct positioning and functionality.

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