Mortice Sashlock/Bathroom Lock

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Mortice Sashlock/Bathroom Lock

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The Mortice Sashlock/Bathroom Lock is a versatile and functional locking mechanism designed for use in interior doors, particularly in residential and commercial settings. This type of lock combines the features of a sashlock and a bathroom lock, providing both security and privacy options for your doors.

The sashlock function of this lock allows for secure locking and unlocking using a key from the outside. It is commonly used in areas where controlled access is required, such as entrance doors or rooms that need to be secured. The sashlock offers reliable and robust security, providing peace of mind and protection for your property.

The bathroom lock function of this lock provides privacy and convenience for bathrooms and other areas requiring personal privacy. It allows for easy locking and unlocking from the inside using a turn and release mechanism or a thumbturn. This ensures privacy while using the facilities and prevents unexpected interruptions.

The Mortice Sashlock/Bathroom Lock is designed to be installed within the door, providing a flush and seamless appearance when fitted correctly. It is available in different sizes to accommodate various door thicknesses, ensuring compatibility with your specific requirements.

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