FD60 P/Grade Firedoor

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Quick Spec:

  • Primed MDF / Paint Grade
  • 45mm / 54mm thickness
  • fd30 / fd60 fire resistant chipboard core
  • Glass models – preglazed in 6mm georgian
  • Wire glass
  • Primed
  • Internal use only
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The FD60 P/Grade Firedoor is a fire-rated door designed to provide extended fire resistance for up to 60 minutes (FD60 rating). This door offers enhanced protection against the spread of fire and smoke, making it suitable for applications where higher fire resistance is required.

Constructed with a solid core, this door provides strength and durability. It is designed to withstand the intense heat of a fire for an extended period, providing valuable time for safe evacuation and minimizing property damage.

The FD60 rating indicates that this door has undergone rigorous testing and meets the necessary fire safety standards. It acts as a barrier, preventing the spread of flames and smoke between compartments and maintaining the integrity of fire-resistant partitions.

The FD60 P/Grade Firedoor is typically supplied as a complete door set, including the door leaf, frame, hardware, and intumescent seals. Intumescent seals play a critical role in fire safety by expanding when exposed to heat, creating a seal that prevents the passage of fire and smoke through the gaps around the door edges.

During installation, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and comply with fire safety regulations. Professional installation by a qualified contractor is recommended to ensure proper fitting and functionality.

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