FD30 Oak 2 Glazed GC05

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Quick Spec:

  • 0.6mm ash veneer
  • 45mm / 54mm thickness
  • fd30 / fd60 fire resistant chipboard core
  • 6mm / 10mm hardwood side lipping
  • Glass models – preglazed in fire-rated clear glass
  • High quality factory lacquer
  • Internal use only
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The FD30 Oak 2 Glazed GC05 door is a fire-rated door that combines the natural beauty of oak with the functionality of two glazed panels. This door is specifically designed to provide fire resistance for up to 30 minutes (FD30 rating), offering essential protection in the event of a fire.

Crafted with a solid oak construction, this door boasts both durability and an appealing aesthetic. The oak veneer adds warmth and character to any interior setting, making it a popular choice for residential and commercial applications alike.

The door features two glazed panels, designated as GC05, which allow natural light to permeate through the door while adding a touch of elegance. The glass used in these panels is typically fire-resistant, meeting the required safety standards for fire-rated doors.

With its FD30 rating, this door has been rigorously tested and certified to withstand fire for up to 30 minutes. It acts as a barrier, preventing the rapid spread of flames and smoke between different areas of a building, providing occupants with crucial time for evacuation and containment. It’s important to note that the FD30 Oak 2 Glazed GC05 door is typically supplied as a complete door set, including the door leaf, frame, hardware, and intumescent seals.

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