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2440 x 300 x 21mm (2 Pieces Per box)

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Déanta Acoustic Wall Panelling

Natural Wooden Acoustic and Decorative panels

Ryan’s Timber are delighted to introduce the Akupanel to our range of timber wall panelling.  Beautifully looking wooden acoustic panels with the added benefit of superior sound absorption. Each panel is faced with real wood veneer offering the color and grain variations of natural wood.


Acoustical felt

To begin, Our acoustical felt is made from recycled plastic bottles, which means that we take a waste product and transform it into something useful and beautiful.

The felt absorbs the sound waves and dampens the sound.


As well as that, The core of the lamella consists of a medium density fibreboard and is available in black or a natural colour.

The slats create diffusion, which essentially means that they break the sound waves and thereby dampen the sound.

In addition, All the wood we use comes from sustainable forestry, which ensures that the forest can reproduce more trees than what is being cut. In addition our supplier ensures good working conditions for the people working in the forest.

Wooden Acoustic panels will fit perfectly in a variety of interiors – both as a wall or ceiling finishing material. Use it as decoration for room fragments or as furniture decoration. There are no limits to the use of the acoustic panels.

These Akupanels can be fitted using our quality PU Adhesive Or Silicone For more information click here 

For most people, installing the panels would be an entertaining DIY project. It is very simple – you can cut the panels with almost any saw and fix it with screws through the felt. It could not be simpler.

Are you having a hard time hearing what people are saying? Problems with poor acoustics are a major problem in many rooms, but a slat wall or ceiling enables you to create acoustic wellbeing for yourself and the people you surround yourself with.

Sound consists of waves and when the sound hit a hard surface it continues to reflect back into the room, which creates reverberation. However, the acoustical panels breaks and absorbs the sound waves when it hits the felt and the lamellas. Hereby it prevent the sound from reflecting back into the room, which ultimately eliminates reverberation.

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