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Boyne chamfered spindle are most popular contemporary stair range.

Special Orders

Iroko, Ash, Walnut & Teak all still available as special order.  Please contact our office to order – 061 480000

These 915mm x 41mm x 41mm Stop Chamfered balustrades are part of our Boyne Stair Parts Collection. They have a top square of 216 mm, stop chamfer of 483 mm and a bottom square of 216 mm.

These chamfered spindles are suitable for our Handrails and Baserails with a 41 mm tracking. There are 91mm x 91mm matching Boyne Chamfered Newel Posts available, but you also have the option of using our Box Newel Posts to complement the Boyne balustrades. These plain balustrades are available Primed, in all other timbers they are unfinished and can be finished by either painting, varnishing or waxing.

Installation video

Have a look at George Quinn’s spindle installation video here .  This explains how a Boyne chamfered spindle are fitted.

The building regulations specify that the space between spindles, must not be greater than 99 mm. This means that 100 mm sphere must not pass through the spindles at any point. For example, to cover yourself the spindles are set at 90 mm – which is well within the legal requirements. In calculating how many spindles you need, a good guide is 2 spindles per step and one spindle where there is a newel post on the step.  The spindles are held in place using the slips provided with the handrail and base rail.  These slips are generally best glued and pinned in place.  The slips are similar material as the handrail and baserail and should be cut to your desired measurement which again must not exceed 99mm.

Interested in DIY kits? Check out our wall mounted stair handrail kits here. Also now available are our wall paneling kits which would finish off the look of your stairs.

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