Polypins 40 x 2.1mm

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Box contains approx 250 polypins.


Stainless Steel suitable for external use on Fascia, Soffit, Trims and angles.

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These Polypins 40 x 2.1mm offer a compact and discreet fastening option. Their slim profile ensures minimal visibility while maintaining a strong hold. Whether you’re working on woodworking projects, furniture assembly, or other DIY applications, the 40 x 2.1mm Polypins are suitable for securely joining components.

The Polypins are made from durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to corrosion. This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing reliable fastening in various environments.

Installation of the Polypins is quick and easy. Simply align the materials to be joined, insert the Polypin into the pre-drilled holes, and secure it with a hammer or suitable tool. The precise dimensions of the Polypins ensure a snug fit, creating a strong and reliable connection.

The Polypins offer versatility and convenience for a wide range of projects. Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, these Polypins provide a reliable solution for fastening and joining materials together. Trust in their durability and performance for your next project.

Choose the 40 x 2.1mm Polypins for secure and discreet fastening. Their compact size, durability, and ease of installation make them an essential choice for various woodworking, furniture, and DIY applications. Invest in the reliable and versatile Polypins to ensure strong and lasting connections in your projects.

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